I have oily skin and acne break out once a while.  After wearing copper fiber face mask, acne disappears much sooner than before and no scars left.

Annie, NJ

I feel my skin looks healthy than before after wearing copper fiber face mask for a couple of days!

Jessie, NY

It is best face mask I have ever had, which beat all other disposable face masks!

Maggie, NY

My daughter loves it!  Quality is very good!

Cindy, NJ

I like this face mask because it won't let me look like a baby! 

Resley, NY (6 years old)

It is wonderful and very comfortable!

Janine, NJ

Material is not so scratchy like other masks.  It is very comfortable, breathable! Fits well on the face!  The best mask I have ever worn!

Emily, NJ

The adult ones are comfortable around the ears.  The strings are a bit more elastic. More comfy than the standard blue ones I've been using. Thanks!

Kelly, NJ

I still have a lot of regular disposable face masks at home, but after I tried the copper fiber one, I don't want to wear regular one any more!

Mei, NY