About Us


I'm Annie Chen, the president of Care Me Trading Inc. I founded this company upon my desire to help people during these unprecedented and daunting times. 

For the past few months, people have experienced unemployment, deaths of loved ones, and many other consequences in a global pandemic.
As a result of lock-down, I've had a lot of time to think and wonder what I could do to not only help others avoid these painful fates of sickness and death, but also provide a sense of normalcy.

During this time, my cousin called me to announce that he and his research team had found a method to incorporate their years-long research of copper fiber into non-woven cloth to make unique copper fiber face masks, which Nelson Labs’ testing reports show viral filtration efficiency rate up over 99.8% and bacterial filtration efficiency rate over 99.9%.

This is how I decided to distribute this novel product into the American market to help each other prevent the spread of COVID-19 comfortably, safely, and effectively. 

In the beginning stages of the pandemic, many people suffered because they could not obtain nor afford face masks. Now, I hope that many people can benefit from this affordable and stylish option. 

Together let's combat COVID-19 and overcome these difficult times. 

Annie Chen
Care Me Trading Inc.@2020